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BEATLES - A hard day´s night + 3 TURQUOISE Swe EP 1964

BEATLES - A hard day´s night + 3 TURQUOISE Swe EP 1964

A superb copy of this super rare LIGHT blue version, probably a misprint that was hastily withdrawn as it only rarely turns up - hence one of the rarest swedish EP:s.

Odeon GEOS 222

Record: EX

Cover: Mint-!


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BEATLES - For sale No 2 UK-orig EP 1964
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TONY SHERIDAN with The BEATLES - My Bonnie + 3 Ger EP 1964
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BEATLES - Komm, gib mir deine hand 7" Ger-orig PS 1964
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BEATLES - Visit to Minneapolis 1964 7" US PS
US inofficial release containing live performance and interviews.