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Hello and welcome to Nostalgipalatset´s online store.

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If you are you a new customer, please fill in the required personal info in the order form. We accept payment in advance to our SEB bank.

Our IBAN is: SE 145 0000 0000 5267 1071310
BIC: ESSESS Bank Odengatan 71, 10640 Stockholm

We do accept Paypal at the addition of 5% on the total of your order + postage to cover their fees.
Our Paypal address is:

We expect payment within 10 days from order unless otherwise mutually agreed.
For orders above SEK 500 we require REGISTERED mail (SEK 70 extra).

While placing your order, please make sure to add your EMAIL, correctly, with a current address aswell as a mobile PHONE NO - this due to that our mail replies sometimes may end up in your spam box, so we can reach you by sending a text message if no response from you by email. So, if you´re missing our reply on your order - please check your SPAM BOX!

Do not pay directly! We'll let you know if the product is still in stock. If it is, after our notification you can proceed with payment. We ship as soon as we have received it.

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