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BEATLES - "Four by the BEATLES" 1964 USA EP
Pretty decent copy of their first(of two only)and very rare US EP on Capitol.
BEATLES - "Further requests" Australia EP 1964
Solely Downunda´ release with images taken from their concert in Sydney same year. Slightly later...
BEATLES - "Souvenir of their visit to America" USA Pic disc EP
Unauthorized PIC DISC EP on the US label VeeJay - most likely issued in the late 70´s.
BEATLES - "With the Beatles" Australia EP 1964
Beautiful EP with image taken from the aussie LP with the same, unique design. Slightly later...
BEATLES - A hard day´s night + 3 EP UK 1964
Parlophone UK 1964, original, with "Sold in the UK.." on label centre.
BEATLES - A hard day´s night + 3 EP UK 1964
BEATLES - All my loving + 3 Australia EP 1964
Aussie EP that slightly differs from its UK counterpart - blue instead of pink top.
BEATLES - I feel fine + 3 EP Swe 1964
Swedish original EP from 1964, one of the most common titles, though with a sleeve totally unique...
BEATLES - I should have known better + 3 EP Swe 1964 SUPER RARE GREY
Super rare GREY colour version (misprint?) Only a handful of copies seem to exist.
BEATLES - Long tall Sally + 3 EP South africa 1964
Rare, exotic issue - with a different Parlophone-logo on label!
BEATLES - Michelle Norway PS 1966
Not so rare norwegian issue but as all singles, difficult finding in a nice and clean shape...
BEATLES - My Bonnie + 3 Rare JUKEBOX EP Swe 1964
Very rare EP also with three other artists, the only one in this Jukebox series to feature the...
BEATLES - She loves you + 3 EP Rare PINK Swe 1964
Very rare PINK cover version with "SIB Tumba" printer on back instead of the other by "AB Roos...
BEATLES SOUND - Roll over Beethoven + 3 GEOW 1288 Ger EP 1964
Lovely copy of this rare german EP, the only one to be issued here in Sweden. One of two sleeve...