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ALEXIS KORNER - Blues Incorporated UK-orig LP 1967
Polydor UK orig 1967
CHICKEN SHACK - Imagination lady UK-orig LP 1971
Great copy of this UK original, first issue on the BROWN/white label.
DIXON, ERROL - Blues in the pot UK-orig LP 1968
UK Decca Stereo 1968
ERROL DIXON - Blues in the pot UK-orig MONO LP 1968
UK Decca 1968. Extremely rare MONO-original of blues LP featuring Chicken shack as backing band!
GATEMOUTH MOORE - Reverend after twenty-one years LP
US 1973 still SEALED !
JOHN LEE HOOKER - I´m John Lee Hooker Swe EP 1960
TOP COPY of unique to Sweden EP by this legendary blues artist.
JOHN MAYALL - 2.401 Spain PS 1968
Record: EX-
JOHN MAYALL - Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton UK-orig stereo LP 1969
TOP COPY on the 60´s unboxed label. As you may know, this album was released already in 1966 but...
JOHN MAYALL - Looking back UK-orig LP 1969
Decca stereo original 1969
JOHN MAYALL - The bear Swe PS 1967
Decca Swe-68. Early unique swedish PS.
JOHN MAYALL - The turning point UK-orig LP 1969
Polydor, UK 1969 with booklet
Decca Swe-67. Rare and with a unique swedish PS.
OTIS SPANN - The biggest thing since colossus.... UK orig 1969 LP
Blue Horizon
SAVOY BROWN - Getting to the point UK-orig LP 1968
Top copy of their second album, UK-orignal on the first pressing "deep groove"-label.
WE SING THE BLUES - UK-orig LP 1965 Samlingsskiva
Liberty mono original