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ALICE COOPER - Scools´s out UK-orig LP with PANTIES 1972
Like the US cover in every aspect with the die-cut, open-up sleeve with perforations for the...
ATLANTIC OCEAN - Tranqullity bay Swe-orig LP 1970
Great copy of this swedish progressive psych album, complete with its very scarce booklet.
BEEFEATERS - "same" Danish-orig LP 1967
Almost exclusively and throughout fierce, rough and groovy organ and guitar based DANISH garage /...
BEGGARS OPERA - Act one UK-orig Vertigo LP 1970
UK Vertigo original on the swirled label. So difficult finding with a sleeve as nice and clean as...
BJÖRN J:SON LINDH - Från storstad till grodspad Swe-orig LP 1971
His first and rarest album in a fabulous, never before seen still shrink-wrapped(!) condition.
BLACK CAT BONES - Barbed wire sandwich UK-orig LP 1970
Beautiful although not perfect copy of this heavy UK prog classic - t
BOXER - Absolutely Holl-orig LP 1977  STILL SEALED!
Amazing, unbelievable STILL SEALED original copy of this album! Sometimes with original swedish...
Amazing, unbelievable STILL SEALED copy of this US psych original from 1969.
CHAS ROSE - Child of the universe Australia-orig LP 1976
Gentle spiritual folk by this australian guy, very much in the style of Nick Drake, Steve...
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND - The inner mystique US-orig LP 1968 STILL SEALED!
Absolutely original in a totally unbelievable STILL SEALED condition!
Great copy of this classic jazzprog album, especially hard to find with a beautiful cover due to...
COLONEL BAGSHOT - Oh! What a lovely war US LP 1971 STILL SEALED!
Amazing, unbelievable STILL SEALED US copy of this album! This is the second issue from 1974.
COLORS - "same" US-orig LP 1968 STILL SEALED!
Amazing, unbelievable STILL SEALED US-original copy of this album!
COLOSSEUM - Those who are about to die.. UK-orig LP 1969
UK-original with laminated gatefold sleeve in fabulous condition.
COLOSSEUM - Valentyne suite UK-orig Vertigo LP 1969
Beautiful copy, especially considering its cover having such a sensitive, matt surface.
CREATION - We are paintermen Danish-orig LP 1967
Classic UK garage/freakbeat whereas their album came only as a german or danish issue and this...
CRESSIDA - "same" UK-orig Vertigo LP 1970
Swirled Vertigo original, machine stamped matrix in the run-out groove and raised label with "A...
DAVID BOWIE - Hunky dory UK-orig 1:st LAMINATED cover LP 1971
Extremely rare original with LAMINATED sleeve on this otherwise so common album. This version...
DEAD SEA FRUIT - "same" UK-orig LP 1967
UK pop psych, original mono issue from 1967.
DHARMA BLUES BAND - "same" UK-orig LP 1969
UK original 1969. British blues-rock album which is rumoured to have included Hawkwind's Dave...