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ACTION - Never ever UK 45 1967
UK-original in great shape. Cheesy, lighthearted soul pop with lots of brass arrangements - not...
AL KOOPER - You never know who your friends are Norway PS 1969
Rare norwegian PS!
ANIMALS - Bring it on home to me Swe orange PS 1965
Orange song titles and rear sleeve whereas a couple different ones exist.
ANIMALS - House of the rising sun Swe YELLOW PS 1964
Rare yellow version of this super classic. Most common is pink. Also rare version of disc...
ANIMALS - Inside looking out +3 Japan EP 1960´s
Unique japanese EP
ANIMALS - I´m crying Danish 1964 PS
Danish issue of their second very rare 45 with a great PS and in much better condition than usual...
APPLEJACKS - Hello Josephine Swe PS 1964
Unique swedish issue that never had a 45 UK counterpart
BAILEY, BURR - Chahawki 1964 7" CS JOE MEEK
Rare Joe Meek-prod.
BARONS - Remember Rita / Lucky star US-orig Doo-wop 45
Classic Doo-Wop rarity in fabulous condition. Machine stamped numbers in matrix.
BARRY GIBB & BEE GEES - I was a lover, leader of men Aus-orig 7" 1965
Very scarce and one of their earliest issues - only released in Australia - and this one being in...
BEACH BOYS - Barbara Ann +3 Australia EP 1968
Lovely, late Oz EP in great condition with a sleeve taken from the US 45 sleeve.
BEACH BOYS - Fun, fun, fun+ 3 UK EP 1964
Early UK-original EP in superb condition!
BEACH BOYS - Good vibrations Danish PS 1966
Danish issue with its PS in a pretty nice condition.
BEACH BOYS - Heroes and villains Swe/USA PS 1967
Very rare withdrawn USA PS that was exported to Sweden instead. Released here with the swedish...
BEACH BOYS - Hits UK EP 1965
UK-original EP in fabulous condition!
BEACH BOYS - Surfin'  Safari 7" Sweden 1962
One of their earliest swedish PS 45:s, however not any of the rarer but in unusually clean...
BEACH BOYS - Tears in the morning Swe PS 1970
Very rare swedish 45 with a totally unique PS - this is also an unplayed ARCHIVE COPY!
BEACH BOYS - Ten little indians Rare COLOR Swe PS 1967
Very rare withdrawn variant of this late swedish picture sleeve - it was replaced with a rather...
BEACH BOYS - Ten little indians Swe PS 1962
Very rare early swedish picture sleeve 45.
BEACH BOYS - Wouldn´t it be nice Danish PS 1966
Danish issue with its PS in an unusually nice condition.