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ANIMALS - I´m crying Danish 1964 PS
Danish issue of their second very rare 45 with a great PS and in much better condition than usual...
BEAT INCORPORATED - "same" Swe-orig LP 1964
Lovely copy of this early swedish beat album.
BJÖRN SKIFS - Every bit of my life Swe-orig LP 1970
His very rare, first solo album - especially in this awesome shape. Here also aptly comped by his...
BLIND FAITH - "same" UK-orig EXPORT-cover LP 1969
EXPORT version for Scandinavia only with this completely different sleeve, taken from the inside...
Great copy of UK 1960´s classic album.
BRIGITTE BARDOT - Show - Fra 1960's RARE LP!
Incl. "Contact" & ""Harley Davidson" - GAINSBOURG classics!
CASEY JONES & THE GOVERNORS - Don´t ha ha Ger-orig LP 1966
Unusually beautiful copy of very scarce original - the sole album by this british beat band that...
CON´S COMBO - Los fabulosos suecos Chile-orig LP 1969
Swedish pop/beat band that lived in and had a huge career(success) in Argentina(!) and had...
CREAM - Wheels of fire UK-orig 2LP 1968
Great copy of UK-original stereo issue with silver gatefold sleeve and records on thick, heavy...
DOWNLINERS SECT - "same" Sweden only LP 1967
Amazing cover on this unique-to-Sweden release from 1967 with an awesome pastiche of The Who´s...
FOURMOST - First and fourmost UK-orig LP 1965
Very rare Mersey beat album, fabulous copy of the only one they ever made. Parlophone UK-original...
FRANK ZAPPA / MOTHERS OF INVENTION - Mother´s day Norway 2-LP 1971
Norwegian original of early compilation rarely seen in this awesome condition! Gatefold sleeve.
HEP STARS - It´s been a long time Swe-orig LP 1968
Pretty rare, late album in very nice condition.
HEP STARS - Jul med Swe-orig LP 1967
Beautiful copy of their christmas album in original. Heavy and thick vinyl.
HERD - "same" UK-orig LP 1968
Fontana UK 1968, stereo. British pop psych featuring an adolescent Peter Frampton.
JERRY WILLIAMS - Jerry 21 - Swe-orig LP 1963
Beautiful copy of his very rare first album. Original issue on the RED Sonet label pressed on...
JERRY WILLIAMS - More dynamite Swe LP 1964
Nice copy of this very rare album. Original issue on the RED Sonet label pressed on thick, heavy...
JERRY WILLIAMS - Mr. Dynamite Swe orig LP 1964
Fabulous copy of early original LP. First pressing on the RED Sonet label pressed on thick, heavy...
JIMI HENDRIX - Electric ladyland UK-orig Track 2LP 1968
The version with the WHITE letters inside gatefold. According to a record company executive the...
JIMI HENDRIX - Electric ladyland UK-orig Track 2LP BLUE text 1968
Fabulous copy of this extremely rare issue.