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OLLING STONES - Little red rooster / Get off of my cloud Italy Jukebox PROMO 45 1965
Special promo issue with a unique coupling of tracks, for jukeboxes only and with black/white...
ROLLING STONES -  Hot stuff US PROMO 45 1976
US original PROMO issue. Same tracks and labels on BOTH sides.
ROLLING STONES -  Miss you US PROMO 45 1983
US PROMO issue. Cat. no is different from the 1978 issue, this one is taken from the "Rewind" album.
ROLLING STONES - "Respetable" Spain PS 1978
Nice issue with b/wh PS with different design from the common color one.
ROLLING STONES - 19th nervous breakdown  USA PS 1966
Nice copy of this american Stones PS however the disc has a scratch over side A.
ROLLING STONES - 19th nervous breakdown / Talkin´ bout you Italy PS 1966
Nice italian issue with a unique track coupling. Comes also with a PS variant with grey background.
ROLLING STONES - 19th nervous breakdown France PS 1970´s
Nice clean copy of this amazing french LIVE-PS issue with an equally superior laminated...
ROLLING STONES - 19th nervous breakdown Ger PS 1966
Great copy of this german issue, one of three sleeve versions to this 45 and this is one of two...
ROLLING STONES - Ain´t too proud to beg Italy PS 1974
One of the rarer italian 70´s singles.
ROLLING STONES - All sold out / Connection Ger PS 1981
Very rare late german Decca issue with a unique track coupling a picture sleeve. 
ROLLING STONES - Almost hear you sigh Spain PROMO PS 1989
Rare spanish only one-sided PROMO issue.
ROLLING STONES - Angie Japan PS 1973
Japanese issue, complete with its special japanese original innerbag.
ROLLING STONES - Angie Spain PS 1973
Nice issue - on of the few that didn´t use the classic "breast make-up"-image one.
Rare and exotic, especially in this great shape. So great that it actually has a real art sleeve...
US original PROMO issue. Plays same tracks in both STEREO and MONO on each side respectively.
ROLLING STONES - Between the buttons UK-orig LP 1967
Original 60´s unboxed label, early second pressing without the deep groove label, still so hard...
ROLLING STONES - Between the buttons US LP 1967 STILL SEALED!
US pressing in an absolutely amazing, still SEALED(!) condition. We can´t really tell if it´s a...
ROLLING STONES - Brown sugar 7" Ger PS  1971
Unplayed ARCHIVE copy of this original 1971 classic!
ROLLING STONES - Brown sugar 7" PUSH-OUT center Ger PS  1971
German issue of their original 1971 classic. This however copy however with a genuine "push-out...
ROLLING STONES - Brown sugar GREEK 45 1971
Very exotic issue!