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LP, EP & Singles
- Pop, rock, prog, heavy, punk, metal, reggae, indie, synth, soul / funk, jazz & blues

Pop & Rock curiosa
- Concert Posters, guides, tickets, autographs, posters, etc.

Pop magazines
- Idolnytt, TOPP, Popbild, Love, Hej, GO, POSTER, Sussie, Tiffany, Zip, Zonk and others.

Toys between 1800-1970's
- Sheet metal mechanics & cars, boats, aircraft, space toys, robots, Dinky, Corgi, Schuco, Star Trek, Starwars, ABBA, Beatles, Bond, Disney, Kiss, etc.
- Lego 1950-80 or so, good pay for stuff in the original box. Assembly kit models 1950-70´s - horror & sci-fi, preferably unbuilt & still in box.

Enamel Signs, advertising brochures / catalogs, posters & paper plates
- Advertising: Coca-Cola, Disney, candy, beer, tobacco, coffee, detergent, air, bicycle, maritime, automotive, MC (motorcycle) photo, radio, etc.
- Movie Posters 1900-1970-tal: Chaplin, Garbo, Marx, Bogart, Monroe, James Dean, Laurel & Hardy, Flynn, Gable, Ingmar Bergman, Bardot, Brando, Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood and others. et al.

Comics books from before 1960 - Donald Duck & Co 1948-58, 1941-50 Donald Duck Christmas book, The Phantom - Christmas book & comic books 1944-63, Superman, Batman, DC, Marvel and other superhero comics from the 50s, etc. etc.